According to Kantar Worldpanel, the UK sandwich industry is worth a staggering £5.6bn a year when incorporating the total Out of Home spend. In this ever-growing market, sandwiches are bought by 54% of the UK population, and have been labelled the most popular item in the ‘quick meals’ category1. However, as we move into the colder months, consumers will naturally be turning towards more warming dishes during their lunch breaks to help battle the winter blues.

We’ve detailed a number of ways in which operators can ensure sandwiches make the cut during lunchtime.

Choose flavours that work during the colder season

As the days become dark and miserable, heartier food moves up the agenda, leaving plenty of opportunity for operators to re-vamp the classics to suit.

Kantar Worldpanel reports that 75% of the UK’s sandwich purchases are made up of five key flavours: chicken, cheese, bacon, egg and ham.

Operators can look to capitalise on these five flavours by mixing up the way these fillings are served. For example, bacon can be served with a tomato sauce or the more traditional brown, whilst cheese is the perfect filling for a hot toastie with a dash of pickle.

Innovation is key to staying on top

Another way for operators to ensure their sandwich offering remains relevant during the winter months is by keeping on top of current trends e.g. autumnal and festive flavours. – Including fillings such as pumpkin and butternut squash will give sandwiches an autumn feel, whilst turkey, stuffing and bacon will help consumers get into the spirit of Christmas.

It’s important for operators to consider accompaniments too. Many chilli sauces and vegetable relishes can easily be served in sandwiches and wraps, to offer a kick for those in need of the warmth.

Offer the perfect pair

Meal deals are a great way to encourage upselling amongst consumers; operators should consider enhancing their sandwich offering by pairing them with soup options.

Traditionally, soups would usually be paired with a mundane bread roll, but why not turn this into a soup and sandwich meal deal for added fuel this winter. This can also help bring so much more flavour– think a hearty festive turkey and cranberry sandwich paired with a spiced soup for added flavour and warmth.

With a bit of creativity and some clever experimentation with condiments and sauces, operators can broaden their menus’ appeal to make headway with these latest food trends and ensure they’re providing an offer to suit all.


1 Kantar Worldpanel, OOH, 2017

2 British Sandwich Week, 2018